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Private Commissions

Another imprint of Tunnel Press is The Legacy™ Edition series, designed for private reading rather than commercial sale. The Legacy™ Editions are designed as private commission work, for clients who want to publish a limited edition collection.

Genres of writing handled by this publishing imprint include: 

  • corporate histories
  • family histories
  • retirement testimonials
  • personal memoirs
  • fiction
  • poetry

Titles of these genres are customarily published in editions of 1-250 copies. These books are individually created to reflect your personal style, taste, and budget.  All clients are lead through a Client Fact Find to determine their objective, vision and budget for their work. Creation of the book is designed accordingly.

Our private commission work is unique and special. Pages typeset in classic type faces for fine book typography from fonts designed and typecast for their ease of readability for eyes of any age. Books printed in deepest black and vermilion inks like the great publishing houses of the 18th and 19th century. Books printed on handmade rag paper to peak your tactile pleasure as you turn each page. Books with pages that are sewn and bound by hand creating flexible spines that will lay flat at any page you choose never to “crack” when opened.

Our Mission is easily stated—to create beautiful books, well written and illustrated, using classic typography, letterpress printed one sheet at a time, hand sewn and bound. The love, commitment and dedication to these ages old guild crafts results in breathtaking, handcrafted books.  Text will not “fade” in the sun or heat. Flexible books will not break at the back when you open them. Handcrafted books will endure as heirlooms to be passed on to generations. 

Our Legacy Editions preserve your legacy and we preserve the traditional “Book Arts”--classic typesetting and book design, letterpress printing, and hand bookbinding. We love making beautiful books so tactile you’ll want to caress them forever.


Some of our clients...

R. P. & Prosser Mellon, Ligonier, PA
The History of Rolling Rock

Bill & Nancy Rackoff, Fox Chapel, PA

Jason Hall, Provo Utah
The Champion Inside

Park & Jane Cover, Johnstown, PA
Trip of a Lifetime

Mary Jane & Tam Stoner, Johnstown, PA
From the Onion Tree

Mary Ann & Nick Jacobs, Johnstown, PA
The House I Lived In by Helen Hoysan

Frank Doak Family & Annie Dillard, Ligonier, PA
Something Like A Hoagie



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