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Crystal Healing Energy Work
all treatments included in crystal healing*
40 protocols available to address various physical, psychological and emotional issues accumulated in the energy field in this life and previous lifetimes; includes rebalance of energy centers. Work is done above the body and crystals are placed on the body.

Access Consciousness BARS
use of fingertips to provide gentle flow of energy through 27 circuit paths on head; releases unwanted behaviors, perceptions, judgments and emotions blocking life coming to you with ease and joy

Chakra ReBalancing*
chart energy flow in energy centers; use crystals, stones and gems to rebalance flow & infuse energy into chakras

healing energy infusion via hands over areas of major and minor energy centers

Vortex & Labyrinth Walk
guided meditative walk to eliminate old patterns, attitudes & emotions and manifest positive behaviors; rebalances electromagnetic fields in your brain; feminine vortex results in peace and calm; includes offerings and materials for prayer flag


Amethyst BioMat for Major Organ Detox*
detox major internal organs to 6" inside body core by laying on crystal filled heating pad

pH Test & Ionization Foot Detox
assess pH to determine if your system is acid, alkaline or neutral; detox of blood & circulatory system by means of saline ionization with your feet in a foot bath

Whirlpool and/or Far Infrared Sauna Detox*
detox through whole body sweat – either wet or dry

detect blockages & increase circulation in energy meridians by massage of your feet (while wearing socks)


Dowsing & Geopathic Field Detection
dowsing of your home and property to detect in-ground harmful geopathic fields and other earth-bound negative influences; includes clearing and mitigation

Creation of Private/ Garden Labyrinth
dowsing, design and creation of Classic 7-Path labyrinth on your property

Also visit our Labrynth & Vortex.



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