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Our Healing Arts studio is pleased to introduce you to our colleague, Michelle Clark, and her Chinese acupuncture practice. We are happy to schedule an acupuncture session for you during your healing stay with us.
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Michelle offers, "The name of my acupunture practice business is An Shen and the loose translation of this means Calming Spirit."  The idea of the name was born while I was still an intern in Acupuncture school.  The word "shen" represents the English word for "spirit".  The Chinese word is actually more complex, for it encompasses the vitality behind a person's spirit.  It symbolizes "the stuff we're made of."  Chinese often say:20 "Shen is the awareness that shines out of our eyes when we are truly awake."
The word "an" means "calming" or "peaceful".  The combination of these two Chinese words illustrates how I believe the healing process occurs within the human body.  Living at the turn of a millennium in the United States of America can be, at times, challenging and confusing.  I believe that whatever obstacles we face, whether they are physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual, can be overcome through this "peaceful" sense of "spirit".  I believe we were put on this earth to extend love towards others and to let our inner lights shine brightly. 
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"As an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practictioner, my intention is to assist people in reconnecting with their inner light.  I believe that the healing which occurs through Chinese Medicine, or, really, any other form of Medicine, happens when the human body becomes calm and bright within itself." 

The initial visit to an acupuncturist is likely to be lengthy - ranging from 1 to 2 hours. I begin with an extensive questionnaire, during which I inquire into your past and present medical history. Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach so I will ask questions about all aspects of your life including diet, lifestyle, family and work enviornment.

The actual acupuncture treatment begins slowly and gently. I use only sterile, disposable needles from China, which means they are new and clean and only used once. Some have described the sensation of a needle insertion like a small mosquito bite. By nature, and according to your particular body, certain acupuncture points are more or less sensitive than others.

Chaos ImageAfter insertion (number of needles and points will vary - for first time patients, I try to keep the number less than 10) I may touch the needles slightly and ask if you feel any type of sensation: a tingling, pressure, electricity. This is done in an attempt to obtain "qi sensation". Basically, it means that the acupuncture is working. You will lie peacefully with the needles for approximately 20 minutes. As one of my teachers used to say - the real treatment begins when the needles are removed.

Michelle's office is down the road from us. We can arrange an appointment for you on your way to visit us or to schedule an appointment directly with Michelle, call 724-238-3431.  Office hours are currently only by appointment.  An Shen is located at 111 E. East Church St. Ligonier, PA.


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