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Nothing communicates the message of  personal grace and social standing like watching someone eat, dine, or select food.  We’ll support you to make incremental changes in meal planning and preparation because we know that trying to change the world overnight all at once doesn’t create sustainable habits for long-term health.  The best change is that which no one notices!

With our individualized instruction, our Mission is to enhance the quality of your life by creating sustainable change and finding joy in your approach to food, eating, cooking, or the importance of reclaiming dinner as a means to enhance family communication. 


Table settingTables & Manners: Which Fork Do I Use? CA100

Sessions focus on enhancing social graces understanding the social implications and rewards of proper eating rituals, dinner conversation and manners. 

Separate sessions designed for:
  • CA101 Children who need to learn table manners.
  • CA200 Parents yearning to create or reclaim a civilized family meal experience.
  • CA300 Adults who need to learn to entertain.
  • CA400 Professionals working their way up in business who need to improve their confidence and social graces during business functions and learn now what they may not have learned while growing up.

Meal Planning for Healing and Recovery CA500

This session is designed for those in recovery following treatment for diseases or surgery. Sessions focus on stocking the pantry, understanding nutritional value of ingredients, how to make healthy substitutions, planning meals and the shopping list at the same time, food resources, and preparation of meals to enhance healing and nutrition.

Whole Foods Cooking CA600

Our kitchen motivates and supports cooks who need to make healthy changes to eating. We help you get there—one step and one meal at a time. Choose to understand more about these alternative approaches to healthy eating and learn to prepare meals focused on one or more of these strategies as part of a journey to wellness. Incorporates principles for stocking the pantry, understanding nutritional value of ingredients, how to make healthy substitutions, planning meals, writing the shopping list, and preparing the food.

  • Whole Foods Cooking: CA601 to eliminate chemicals/ additives in cooking; a must for Cancer recovery.
  • Gluten Free Cooking: CA602 for reduction of refined wheat flour and replacement with other grain alternatives.
  • Vegan Cooking: CA603 for reduction of animal proteins and replacement of proteins from plant sources.
  • Reduced Sugar Cooking: CA604 for reduction of refined sugars in overall eating habits and replacement with nutritious “sweet” alternatives
  • Geriatric Cooking: CA605 for increasing nutrition and strength in the elderly

Baking CA700

If your mother did not teach you how to bake and you didn’t learn it in school, come learn in our kitchen! You can smell the aroma wafting over the Ridge!

  • ClassicMakeovers: CA701 We’ll progress you through nutritious alternatives with “makeover” recipes for traditional favorites so you can whip up a batch of deliciousness with fewer calories and less fat!
  • It’s All About the Bread: CA702 We’ll teach you to bake bread and experience the joy and accomplishment of the oldest comfort food on Earth by creating various artisan and traditional handmade breads. Features native recipes from a variety of countries around the world to choose from.


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