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What are the Book Arts?
Traditional Typography

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Traditional Typography

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Traditional book design relies on text that is easily readable by eyes of all ages. In our studio we achieve this with handset foundry type. Those who prefer digital typesetting using computer technology can prepare text layouts which are then imaged as photo polymer plates used for letterpress printing.

Students study fine book design and how it is achieved by classic types such as Garamond, Caslon, Centaur Roman, and Arrighi Italic. The house type at Laurel Ridge Book Arts studio is Garamond. We have 300 additional metal fonts as well as wood type to choose from for your classic designs.

Students who study hand typesetting learn: The “Point System” of type measurement; kerning, setting blanks, selecting leading and spacing; Roman/serif and Gothic/sans serif type families and fonts; the California Job Case; using the composing stick; principles of type proportion and balance, proofing galleys, proofreading, correcting type galleys, distributing type, page imposition and locking up forms for the press.



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