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What are the Book Arts?
Letterpress Printing

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Letterpress Printing

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No modern or digital laser printed page can compare to the sensuality and embossed elegance of letterpress printing.  Books printed on handmade rag paper stimulate your tactile pleasure as you turn each page.  Books are printed in deepest black and vermilion inks according to the tradition of the great publishing houses of the 18th and 19th century.

Art students enjoy the opportunity to blend the beauty of letterpress printing with printmaking and illustration achieved through lino or wood block print reductions, intaglio acid etching, dry point, digital color graphics or photopolymer positive plates.

By reviewing the art and the history of the book in Europe and America from the 16th century to the advent of the digital age, students who study the book arts learn elementary, intermediate, and advanced principles of letterpress printing to create folio, quarto, octavo, and duodecimo structures.

Understanding a book's structure is fundamental to printing books, and students learn the anatomy of a book including: front matter, text body, pagination, backmatter, gutter and margin placements, title and half-title pages, colophons and engraved borders. 

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