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Bookbinding Bible

Our bookbinding services are often requested by individuals and libraries who desire to repair heirloom books and religious texts.  We present various approaches and price ranges based on your budget and the desired strength for your book.  The following levels of binding strengths are offered. Lead time is 1-12 months depending on size and complexity of the original.

Bookbinding Options











Easy Does It!
For the Do It Yourselfer ! Inexpensive solution for books made after 1960.

Reinforces the spine and adds a new cover according to the way the original was made.

Improves mechanical construction. Stronger than original book when new.

Improved mechanical construction for books made after 1850. Stronger than original book when new.

For hand made books or books published prior to 1850, individual quotes are given. Options added to Museum Quality binding are:

You Purchase Backing Adhesive Material to Take Home & Repair the Book Yourself

Holds the Cover to the Text

What Some Libraries Use

Functional but Not Handsome

New Adhesive on Spine

1 Inside Thin Hinge of Mull

Cream Endpapers

Cream Flyleaves Glued On Text Block

New Hard Back Cloth Cover

New Adhesive on Spine

Linen Tapes Applied for Maximum Flexibility & Strength

Inside Cloth Hinge & Flyleaves Sewn to Linen Tapes

Inside Hinge of Mull

Inside Cream Endpapers

Outside Cloth or Leather Embossed Fabrics

Page & Fold Repair w/ Japanese Tissue

If necessary Resew Book Pages by Hand on Linen Tapes

Inside Cloth Hinge & Flyleaves Sewn to Tapes

Inside Hinge of Cloth

Flex Tube on Spine

Decorative Endpapers

Foil Stamp on Spine or Cover

Quarter/ Half-Binding Styles

Massive Text Repairs

New Leather Covers

Custom Foil Stamping Dies

Turn Cut-Edge Paperbacks into Hand Sewn Folio Book Construction

Custom Made Dust Jackets

Paper and/or Leather Restoration Work is Not Done on Premises & Is Sent Outside

Archival Materials Available

Total = 1 Ply Strength

Total = 2 Ply Strength

Total = 3 Ply Strength

Total = 7 Ply Strength

Total = 7 Ply Strength



Printing & Publishing

We work with individual, families and corporations to determining the best approach to your printing or publishing heirloom or art book projects.  These are created through  either Tunnel Press, Ltd. or Legacy EditionTM publishing imprints.

Visit our Publishing Studio.

Lead time from manuscript preparation through delivery averages 12- 24 months as dictated by the pace of the private commission client.

Book for individual

For Individuals, Writers and Artists

We offer classes in letterpress printing and bookbinding.

We print limited edition broadsides for a single poem or short prose, pamphlets or chapbooks of 32 pages as well as full-length books for memoirs, family or corporate histories.

Visit our Publishing Studio.


For Companies

Rolling Rock BookWe will write your corporate history. We then design and produce exquisite high-end books presented in a custom clamshell conservation box. Our treasures secure and market your legacy for years to come.

See what treasures we have created for our corporate clients.

Visit our Publishing Studio.

For Libraries and Organizations

Libraries and organizations interested in the history of the book, the history of publishing, and/or care and preservation of books can schedule presentations and exhibits.  Contact us to discuss your preferred topic and schedule either a 60- or 90-minute program for your event. 

Please note that the scope and approach to our hand crafted work is not suitable for Scrapbooking groups.



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