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Our Mission is easily stated—to create beautiful books, well written and illustrated, using classic typography, letterpress printed one sheet at a time, hand sewn and bound. The love, commitment and dedication to these ages old guild crafts results in breathtaking, handcrafted books.  Text will not “fade” in the sun or heat. Flexible books will not break at the back when you open them. Handcrafted books will endure as heirlooms to be passed on to generations.  By preserving the legacy of the Word we preserve the traditional “Book Arts”--classic typesetting and book design, letterpress printing, and hand bookbinding—making beautiful books so tactile you’ll want to caress them forever.

Singing of FruitEdition #19: Kathleen M. Sewalk, author, printer, bookbinder explains, Deconstructing Edition #19 from a bound form and morphing it into a "gallery book" enables the reader to walk through its pages.” READ MORE >>



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