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Studio Equipment

Print Shop
Our print shop is home to five presses for letterpress and printmaking. An 1875 Chandler & Price clamshell press operates by treadle and foot power as well as electricity. A Curtis & Mitchell tabletop press prints Monarch size paper. The Golding is perfect for cards.  The Vandercook Universal III, a rotary proof press known for its exquisite quality, handles poster size sheets. A Blick etching press handles the reproduction of plates created by drypoint on copper, acid etch intaglio and magnesium relief engravings.

The bindery relies on needle and thread along with a variety of machinery to create our beautiful hand sewn books. The board shear cuts binder's board; the book presses flatten finished books; and the guillotine cutter trims text blocks. The studio also has a collection of nipping and standing book presses. A Kensol foil stamping machine executes cover decoration.


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