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Appalachian Spring

Appalachian Spring
by Kathleen M. Sewalk

Limited edition of 300 copies. ISBN 978-0-941461-11-5, 168 pages, hardcover. Copies signed by the author are available directly from the publisher, $40. With audio recording of the authorís poetry readings in a custom-bound boxed set, $200.

“The world of Appalachian Spring is exciting in its representation of the coal and steel heritage of the area, the richness of the Appalachian woodlands, the lives of the women who live there, their dreams and spiritual growth to embrace ideas well beyond this sacred landscape.”

– Catherine Blake

“… I celebrated Kate’s brilliant collection … and felt in the presence of a true zen spirit. What characterizes her poetry is its profound seriousness and the almost heroic idealism, reminiscent of John Keats, Rainer Rilke, William Carlos Williams, and Theodore Roethke. By this, I mean there is always a presence in her poetry of a search for wisdom and understanding.”

– Guicang Li

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